Build Your  Website

Building your website can be a journey full of emission experiments and frustrations regardless you hire professional to do it for you or you will do it yourself thru our extensive years of experience and thousands website build in this over 12 Years’ experience we can describe you the requirements to build a website are the same whether you do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

I will start by Describing the option.

DIY Do IT Yourself


  • One Domain
  • One Managed web Hosting Account
  • WordPress Installed 
  • Theme installed
  • SSL Certificate
  • Logo
  • Professional Photo
  • Videos (If you have one)
  • Social Media Business Profiles
  • Text Content

What to do?

After you collect all the resources be aware you need to explore the theme option to know where are the areas of changes if you are using a Managed Web hosting like TiPihost you are covered in how to do and where to do things we provide Support for a managed account when comes for them to build their website If you are in unmanaged hosting you will need to research by your own YouTube web page of the theme read the documentation and explore my yourself how to do It is always better to have Managed Hosting because if you don’t have the experience, it is good to have Support to help you more than just hosting Support.

Hiring somebody to do it for you!

This option is always recommended for business.

But hiring the right team to build a website can be a challenge; many businesses expect one single person can do the entire site, and reality is not like that.

To build a website, you need a Writer Designer Developer and Project manager. Usually, this team collaboration is only found in business with a team of people who specialize in each field.

However a Solo person can help you to build your website

But you may have to work halfway to do the website like

Writing the content  Selecting photos and be the project manager while the solo will insert content and build yourwebsite fix errors to ensure is done correctly so when deciding to hire somebody to do your website make sure what step you will take build your own Find a solo to help you or hire a company to build the entire site for your prices are very different depending in your needs and requirements of developing the project.

If you have additional questions and would like to talk to one of our Hosting specialists, we can help you find either a solo or Company who can take care of your development.

And if you have a developer or Company who is going to develop your website we highly recommend getting TiPihost as you web provider this way you are sure the data of your website is saved in the event of any misunderstanding between you and developer as we can control de access via our Managed web hosting service.

For more information, contact us, and one specialist will be happy to discuss with you multiple options for you to develop a website, including the opportunity to do it yourself!

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