How to Transfer Domain

We are going to divide these sections into two.

  1. How to Transfer a domain to TiPiHost
  2. How to transfer our domain to another Registrar.

How to Transfer a domain to TiPihost

Our process is straightforward.

Ask Your current Domain Hosting company Unlock your Domain and Provide your EPP Code.
Talk to a TipiHost specialist to place the Transfer Order.

How to transfer our Domain to another Registrar.

The Process to Transfer a domain from one company to another all are the same.

You need to contact the current Domain Hosting company where you Domain is located and request the domain name to be unlocked and request the EPP code
You need to place an order for domain transfer in the company of your new preference and provide the EPP code

Note: Transfer some times can be done within the same day or could take days to be transferred. Make sure before you initiate transfer your Domain will not require changes such as DNS  MX records or any other changes to avoid interruption of service.

Characteristics Of Success

For more information about

Transfer Domain to TiPihost contact our Hosting Specialist