Managed vs Unmanaged

We will describe in short and simple terms the difference of Managed and unmanaged Web hosting

We will start with unmanaged explanation in order for you to understand and see the value of Managed hosting and make a better decision when comes to Hosting


WordPress is the most SEO friendly system out there that allow you to add plugin Write Keywords and start the site showing in google Be aware Creativity and basic skills in writing are essential but if you have a writer not need developer only Write and you


Very easy to integrate multiple lenguaje into your website not need hard code simple plugins and you are up and running with multiple language website only need is time to create the content in the second language and that’s it

In Short Terms

Unmanaged Are design more For developers and or people who wants to adventure and learn Managed are for Customers that do not have the skills or Time and want things resolved in a shorter time and receive better performance of the service.

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