Why use wordpress

We know WordPress since the beginning when was only a Blog system now become the most popular system for developing a website, Ecommerces and much more

1) Cost

Using wordpress you cost in development is very low considered if you will have to Develop everything by your own with Millions and thousands

2) Management

Any Person with Basic computer skill are able to manage 90% ocf the website content such as Photo Text and much more

3) Add-ons

With Hundreds of market place and Thousands or even millions Plugins available you will be surprised of what features you can add to your website to enable features that may cost a fortune and even huge amount of time

4) Option to reverse mistakes

One of the great futures inside of WordPress is the ability to reverse to an early date or time in case you made a mistake, not worry with a few clicks you can reverse to the old version.

5) Multi level Access

You have the ability as BUsiness or individuals to create multiple users and roles to enable access levels for Users to help you without compromising the stability of your site such as contributor writers etc..

6) Open Source

This means there is no Encrypted code in WordPress. You are free to hire a developer to implement solutions or do it yourself if you have the skills and no limits.

7) Hosting

The internet is full of compatible Web hosting for WordPress, some offering very limited resources and other more robust and avance Hosting servers to run WordPress with more PLugins and heavy recourcess.

8) SEO

WordPress is the most SEO friendly system out there that allow you to add plugin Write Keywords and start the site showing in google Be aware Creativity and basic skills in writing are essential but if you have a writer not need developer only Write and you

9) Multi Lenguaje

Very easy to integrate multiple lenguaje into your website not need hard code simple plugins and you are up and running with multiple language website only need is time to create the content in the second language and that’s it

10) E-commerce

With the advances of today technology converting or adding an Online store to your website is only a few clicks away including all the same rich features as an advanced ecommerce with wordpress you can have it all the same feature of an Ecommerce at a law cost and shorter time.

There are many more and many reasons why to use wordpress but these ten basic reasons will be a good start to know why WordPress is the leading edge technology for small and medium sized businesses in the online world.

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